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Dr. Vance Inouye NMD

20+ Years in Pain Management

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About Dr. Vance Inouye NMD

Dr. Vance Inouye is an Arizona-licensed board certified Naturopathic Physician that has served the greater Phoenix area for over 20 years. With a focus in pain management and rejuvenation of  joints through various therapies and injections, he is dedicated to coordinating the best of natural integrative medicine with conventional therapies to obtain the optimal health of his patients. Dr. Inouye has a holistic and nontoxic approach to therapies with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and the reversal of premature aging and will prescribe various modalities to optimize the body’s inherent ability to heal.

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Don't settle for living with your pain.

Pain medications only treat the symptoms and surgery should be a last resort. 

Dr. Inouye  will work with you to treat your pain and find natural, lasting relief. 

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Health and Healing Studio

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Mesa, AZ 85202

Phone: (480)504-7625

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Monday 9am to 12pm

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*Other times available by appointment only.

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